You are visiting the website for the Kanata Mens Lobball League, a league that has seen teams playing lobball from the Kanata, ON and Stittsville, ON area for more than 25+ years. Our season runs from May through the end of September with games played Mon thru Wednesday on diamonds in the Bridlewood area. Games are played at 6:30pm, 8:00pm and 9:30pm each evening with teams playing once a week normally.

In March and April of each year, new players who are interested in joining teams are welcome to give us their contact details. As team captains indicate they need players, we will offer them your information so they can contact you about their team. Please come back to our website in March and April if you thinking about trying to find a team to play on.

Feel free to visit our site to learn more about the league. You can also use our contact page to send us any questions you may have about the league. Someone will get back to you within 72 hours with an answer.

Play Ball! The 2022 season is underway!

Last Week's Results

Instile Tile: 14 vs The Hurley's Bandits: 7
Brew Crew: 12 vs The Beer View Mirrors: 0
Kanata Decisive Krushers: 21 vs Prime Time: 3
A&B Bandits: 8 vs AAAKavtech: 4
The Titans: 26 vs The Beauty Battalion: 2
Go Dean Express: 11 vs Don Cherry's Kanata: 8
Tony Graham Bears: 25 vs The Colts: 6
KSC Sportsmen: 10 vs Longshots: 6
RBC Lions: 12 vs Mattawa: 10

This Week

The Hurley's Bandits: 19 vs The Colts: 13
Brew Crew: 13 vs Instile Tile: 5
The Beer View Mirrors: 13 vs Tony Graham Bears: 4
Legends: 12 vs AAAKavtech: 12
Don Cherry's Kanata: 12 vs RBC Lions: 3
The Titans: 19 vs Philthy Hedges - Cedarsmith: 16
KSC Sportsmen: 18 vs Prime Time: 0
Mattawa: 22 vs The Beauty Battalion: 9

League Announcements

You can also view previous announcements that were considered important.

2022 Season - Starts This Week!

Updated: 8 May 2022

Pre-season has ended and we are on the brink of our first season in over two years! It is so nice to see a set of games listed to be played this week.

Teams have until May 31st to complete payment of their league fee. All teams paid $100 at the AGM so the remaining $1600 is pending. Details on how to pay have been sent out to all team contacts.

2022 AGM Minutes

Posted: 8 May 2022

The minutes for the 2022 AGM meeting are now available for viewing.

REMINDER: Subsequent to the AGM meeting, the league fee was dropped by $100 due to a team dropping out late. The change means the amount agreed upon at the AGM of $1800 had dropped to $1700 for this season. Given the $100 deposit all teams made by the AGM, the remaining $1600 is due by May 31, 2022.

Questions or comments about the meeting may be directed to the league executive.

Registering An Account

Updated: 8 May 2022

A registered account has access to Team Actions which they may wish to conduct during the season. Additionally a registered account is how you can list a phone number which can be helpful for other teams to reach out on game day instead of through email. It is preferred that both the listed captain and co-captains are able to perform Team Actions during the season.

Example Team Actions list

To register an account you simply need to click on the register link in the login area.

Basic login box

This will bring up a form requesting some information in order to create your account.

Empty account registration form

The top email address MUST match the email address that is currently listed as a team contact. The alternative email address is optional. Upon clicking on the Register account button, you should then be return to the site’s home page but now in the upper left you should see Team Action links. Also, when you view your team’s contact information, you will see the the contact’s proper name and the phone number provided included in the information.