You are visiting the website for the Kanata Mens Lobball League, a league that has seen teams playing lobball from the Kanata, ON and Stittsville, ON area for more than 25+ years. Our season runs from May through the end of September with games played Mon thru Wednesday on diamonds in the Bridlewood area. Games are played at 6:30pm, 8:00pm and 9:30pm each evening with teams playing once a week normally.

In March and April of each year, new players who are interested in joining teams are welcome to give us their contact details. As team captains indicate they need players, we will offer them your information so they can contact you about their team. Please come back to our website in March and April if you thinking about trying to find a team to play on.

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The following bulletin was issued to all team contacts on June 30th.

On behalf of the Kanata Men's Lobball League Executive, we extend our best wishes and thoughts to all captains and players to be healthy and safe during this pandemic. The League Executive met recently over a Zoom call to discuss options for a lobball season this summer. Many options and proposals were discussed, covering a range of PRO and CON options.

On Monday, June 29, 2020, the City of Ottawa contacted all contract holders informing them that from July 1st and onwards bookings for events of over 10 people, including sports games, tournaments and gatherings, must be either cancelled or modified to meet the restrictions in effect. In effect, the City and the Province can not provide sports leagues with a date when competitive games of more than 10 participants will be allowed.

In the end, the League Executive has decided to cancel the 2020 Kanata Men's Lobball League season and plan towards re-convening next April with an AGM and the 2021 season. If larger indoor gatherings are permitted in the Fall, the Executive would also convene a Captains meeting to discuss the 2021 season and the future of the League.

A number of factors contributed to this decision including:

  • the uncertainty of the start of competitive games;
  • the likelihood of a very short season, only 8 weeks if competitive sports could resume in August;
  • the logistics of starting the season - getting team/player commitments and fees;
  • no penalty from the City in cancelling the season for next year's diamond allocation;
  • the requirement by the City for social distancing rules at all games including no pre- or post-socializing;
  • the requirement for in game rules to maintain social distancing and provide COVID-19 precautions including
    - no sharing of bats,
    - constant cleaning of the softballs in use,
    - spreading players out around the bench areas: and,
  • how to enforce the new rules and consequences for violating those rules.

After the City shut down sports fields for competitive use until July 1 in early Spring, the Executive had been discussing starting the season with the goal of a July 6 start. With the latest City of Ottawa announcement and the uncertainty of the Province deciding on a move to allow larger gatherings which is necessary for competitive sports to begin, the Executive agreed that it was time to make a final decision concerning the 2020 Lobball Season.

The Executive is committed to resuming the Kanata Men's Lobball League in 2021 and wishes all captains and players a safe and healthy Summer.